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[aksinyata] BEST BLIND AUDITIONS of March 2022 on a Express Youngsters

Video aksinyata : a Express International This Video is channels countries! I become wild about clang, on memoir of they are apples!! dan juga video

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n this compilation, our spotlight a finest Blind Auditions of March 2022 on a Express Youngsters. Which one is your favorite? 👇

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00: 00 1. Georgia indicators ‘a Dwelling Of a Rising Sun’ (a Express Youngsters Germany):

02: 01 2. Sofian sings ‘Any individual’ (a Express Youngsters Vlaanderen):

03: 45 3. Julia Bieniek sings ‘Lovin’ youre’ (a Express Youngsters Poland):

05: 35 4. Rebeca sings ‘a Winner Takes It All’ (a Express Youngsters Germany):

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07: 12 5. Maité sings ‘Heal’ (a Express Youngsters Vlaanderen):

08: 47 6. Marysia Miszk sings ‘Pores also skin’ (a Express Youngsters Poland):

10: 27 7. Emil sings ‘Voilà’ (a Express Youngsters Germany):

12: 17 8. Isis Lilja sings ‘My Future’ (a Express Youngsters Vlaanderen):

14: 02 9. Laura Milczarek sings ‘Shotgun’ (a Express Youngsters Poland);

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15: 55 10. Felicia sings ‘Lovesong’ (a Express Youngsters Germany):

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