Home Video Bustle-RC Car World Bustle File strive – Hobbywing Max 4

Bustle-RC Car World Bustle File strive – Hobbywing Max 4

Bustle-RC Car World Bustle File strive – Hobbywing Max 4

Kevin Talbot Latest Like Video blows also chains! Current Video computer also examples! also video
Uploaded By Kevin Talbot
Video ID WR5nk2LmHSQ

URL : https://www.youtube.com/peek?v=WR5nk2LmHSQ

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Major ROSSA Video https://www.youtube.com/peek?v=YdKGIwFlCzA

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  3. Frigid to se how the ROSSA has developed. I became once on the first venue years attend and the quickest car then became once my buddy with a 103mph and a Associated TC4, ended up in a explosion within the run entice.

  4. I genuinely agree with considered some grown ups, striking 4 of these motors in their rc automobiles. Per chance you agree with some extra money to use, if you happen to change into outdated. Utilize rocking as long as you agree with the time after college and no longer yet procure eaten up by your job.

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