Home Video Creep-Copperdale High School 🏫 // a Sims 4 Creep Compose

Creep-Copperdale High School 🏫 // a Sims 4 Creep Compose

Creep-Copperdale High School 🏫 // a Sims 4 Creep Compose

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I constructed a brand new High School for a sector of Copperdale!

Copperdale High School

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Q: What’s that red shelf / block youre are utilizing?
A: It’s an favorable CC shelf by characterize amoebae that potential that youre just can build items at more accurate ranges: https://pictureamoebae.tumblr.com/submit/169988134879/omsp-shelf-release
Q: What ReShade preset attain youre made spend of?
A: I’m inside a intervening time utilizing Dove 2.0 by kindlespice: https://www.patreon.com/posts/49264052
Q: Where is your tune from?
A: All of my tune is from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)


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➤ Peripherals
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Digicam: Canon EOS Revolt SL2: https://amzn.to/3xe6Kz1
Cam Hyperlink: Elgato Cam Hyperlink: https://amzn.to/2QlYBrE
Lighting: Elgato Key Light (x2): https://amzn.to/3xduX8A
Circulation Deck: Elgato Circulation Deck: https://amzn.to/3gqSDR5
Headset: JBL Wi-fi Noise Cancellation: https://amzn.to/3dBzTN3
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➤ Applications
Streaming: Streamlabs OBS
Recording: NVIDIA GeForce Ride
Thumbnails/Graphics: Photoshop
Bettering: Premiere Pro

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  1. I cherished my college lunches honest sufficient! Though I'm from the UK. They ragged to each so steadily abet mac n cheese (made with Penne, by no methodology proper macaroni) and if we had college inspectors from ofsted over, they ragged to place a single garnish of basil on it to create it stare nicer.

  2. My accepted lunch modified into a entertaining chicken sandwich with ketchup, curly fries and a Twix. I modified into broke, so it modified into a treat for me each so steadily.🔥

  3. I had those connected projectors with the certain plastic in fundamental college, however I judge after that we had traditional white boards or orderly boards. I had one class in college that had a professor who modified into ragged and he ragged that plastic projector thing even supposing! I lowkey loved it 😂

  4. I in actuality hold continuously respected your builds however your style hasn't continuously been for me….BUT…..you NAILED this put! I to find it irresistible, it's obedient! 😘

  5. i went to a spiritual within most college my total life however it modified into rly shitty and broke, so many of the public schools in the distance satirically had been powerful nicer and better tech, so we by no methodology had orderly boards in any respect ! we ragged chalkboards during fundamental, after which they started switching them out to whiteboards round after I modified into in middle college. we ragged those projectors the total time, after which they started upgrading the projectors to a chunk more fresh ones across the time that public schools had been getting orderly boards so we all felt a chunk cheated lmao

  6. Positively had the trip of those used projectors in college! I have in mind in excessive college, a quantity of the college rooms both switched to having proper fleshy whiteboards (very few had a historical chalkboard), and the orderly boards started getting stylish as I purchased older.

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