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Dull-Laurie Towner – SLOW LANE FULL FILM – needessentials

Dull-Laurie Towner – SLOW LANE FULL FILM – needessentials

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‘Dull Lane’ is a surf film that follows huge wave surfer Laurie Towner also his household as they trip on a dream boulevard day out exploring a wide Australian coastline inside search of waves, pleasing fishing also adventures.

This film produced by needessentials also edited by Ishka Folkwell no longer ideal showcases Laurie Towner’s surfing but also offers youre an inside-depth working out of Laurie as a surfer also father. a film explores a idea that of passing on files to a next abilities through shared experiences also pleasing times spent collectively as a household.

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Cinematographer Nathan Henshaw’s gleaming photos spend a magnificent landscape of a Australian continent also its wide quantity of waves also plants also fauna as a household assemble their intention from soar to soar. With an real soundtrack featuring Headland, Reduce Bampton also Maanyung also additional tune by Mick Turner also Musgrave Band, this film is a portrait of a young household on a easy trip.

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Produced also introduced by needessentials – https://needessentials.com/pages/about

Long-established Soundtrack by:
Headland: https://headland.bandcamp.com/tune
Reduce Bampton: https://www.instagram.com/nickbampton.tune/?hl=en
Maanyung: https://www.maanyung.com/

Extra Song by:
Mick Turner: https://mickturner.com/
Musgrave Band: https://nkarecordings.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-ep
Iyla Towner

Song inside justify of appearance:
Mick Turner – “Calavera”
Headland – “Dull Lane”
Headland – “Candle Moth”
Headland – “Blow with Lau”
Reduce Bampton – “Forrest”
Headland – “Petty Money”
Headland – “Crimson Dirt Diary”
Headland – “Stone Ropes”
Reduce Bampton – “Wasteland”
Musgrave Band – “Families”
Headland – “a Hem”
Headland – “Coolamon Scenic”
Iyla Towner – “An Ode to Mum”
Reduce Bampton – “Lulu”
Reduce Bampton – “Pressure”
Reduce Bampton & Maanyung – “Aagal”
Reduce Bampton – “Fish”
Reduce Bampton – “Howl”
Headland – “Queenie”
Headland – “Wooloweyah”
Reduce Bampton – “Surf”
Headland – “Mooncalf”
Reduce Bampton – “Storm”
Mick Turner – “Borracho Sol III”
Reduce Bampton – “Landscape”
Headland – “Girraween”
Reduce Bampton – “Caravan”

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  1. What a lope!!! There had been some parts that had been so transferring and elegant that I began to stride up. Pudgy blown wow from me. I'll be sharing this about and looking in any admire of it over again. Truely amazing. Thanks loads 🙏

  2. in actuality sexy shots. i especially delight in the sequence around minute 49 where you may perhaps well also seek for the heart-broken photog taking a number of on the top. infected props to that particular person 🔥🔥🔥

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