Home Video Hump-Recount Trooper Lies About Hump? – ALWAYS FILM a POLICE!

Hump-Recount Trooper Lies About Hump? – ALWAYS FILM a POLICE!

Hump-Recount Trooper Lies About Hump? – ALWAYS FILM a POLICE!

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Welcome wait on to San Joaquin audits, todays video involves youre from a channel tommy two fingers also it encompasses a website online website online visitors live inside which a Pennsylvania bid trooper clearly lies regarding a rate that a driving force goes at.
This video displays why its crucial to own a gadget that can possibly perhaps doc issues cherish this so that methodology youre would display inside court docket that a officer become lying if it ever involves that level.

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DISCLAIMER, I am no longer an attorney. My videos may possibly possibly perhaps serene no longer become viewed as qualified recommendation, I support youre to live your individual learn also formulate opinions from an cheap also academic standpoint.
Constantly contact an attorney must it is advisable qualified again.
Must youre may possibly possibly perhaps perhaps possibly own a video that youre just would cherish me to fragment, send it to my e mail.

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