Home Video Slack-lofi songs for tiring days

Slack-lofi songs for tiring days

Slack-lofi songs for tiring days

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listening to lofi on a tiring afternoon
🎧 Lofi / Chill Beats 🎧
Sad & Peevish mix

Baca Juga :  Sluggish-How Sluggish Living in a rural village develop into me? - making dilapidated incense from Tibetan Medication

More sad also relax songs – https://sptfy.com/sadlofi

0: 00 NOGYMX – bikes on a pier 

3: 01 Kurt Stewart – terminate up for youre

5: 24 COSMONKEY – Moist

8: 35 ENRA & dr. niar – silhouette

10: 46 Ouska – Homies

13: 26 xx.JBG – There She Modified into as soon as.
https://soundcloud.com/jbgproductions/there-she-became as soon as

Baca Juga :  What-Metric - What Feels Like Eternity (Noteworthy Video)

15: 38 Thaehan – Ocean

17: 15 Mell-ø -Underneath a Bushes

artwork by @bootleganime

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  2. Paying consideration to this makes me wanna verbalize even tho I am so chuffed in existence now but I don't wanna verbalize cuz I am unhappy I will't present it dose any individual know what I indicate

  3. No longer in fact inflamed day after lately resulting from abet to university, this interesting makes me wanna wear headphones at school and listen to this masterpiece.

  4. Thank you lofi community for helping me in darkish times and calming me down been hard when had a figth my father resulting from him being under the impact of alcohol and push him nearly hitting his head on the wall but he's good sufficient i didn't meant to push him I in fact bask in my father with all my heart on the other hand it interesting click on my head it been talking to him on the other hand it good sufficient im interesting chuffed that he's good sufficient Reminder of us Arouse is extremely highly efficient but Kindness is extra highly efficient than enrage Have an amazing day or evening every person godbless

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