Home Video Slow-Missy Alcazar – Slow (Legitimate Tune Video)

Slow-Missy Alcazar – Slow (Legitimate Tune Video)

Slow-Missy Alcazar – Slow (Legitimate Tune Video)

Missy Alcazar Tune Most up-to-date Trending Video educator also instructions. Non-public Video basement also diagnostics! also post
Uploaded By Missy Alcazar SongVideo ID V8WGq5sLqpA

URL : https://www.youtube.com/seek for?v=V8WGq5sLqpA

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Legitimate tune video to Missy Alcazar’s normal tune “Slow.”
Big thanks to a improbable Twitch neighborhood for serving to fund this mission.

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Slow became once written for any individual who suffers from PTSD, trauma, terror, downhearted or intrusive thoughts. a conception that of this video became once to portray hope at some stage inside darkish events. This tune also video became once written as a hand to help while having a depressive episodes. A reminder to enable a thoughts to pass also allow them to become what they are, upright thoughts.

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Director/Editor/Colorist: Greg Wonder (http://www.gregwonder.com/)
DP: Sergio Bautista
1st AC: Arif Pierce
Grip/Swing: Konstantin Podprugin
Playback: Tyler Robinson

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Tune, Lyrics & Piano written by: Missy Alcazar
Guitar: Invoice Pomerleau
Bass: Caroline Cirone
Drums: Andrew Core
Recording Engineer: Chris Kahn
Mixing Engineer: Travis Ball
Mastering Engineer: Sam Moses

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  1. This observation is after searching at the video in burly. Extraordinarily properly shot video that did justice to the feel of the tune. Critical admire to the guitarist, too. He became actually feeling it. 👏🏼🫶🏼

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