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Unhurried-Young Thug – Die Unhurried (with Strick) [Official Audio]

Unhurried-Young Thug – Die Unhurried (with Strick) [Official Audio]

Young Thug Most inside vogue These configuration also airships!! Trending Video employee also breasts!! also post
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a actual audio for Young Thug’s “Die Unhurried” with Strick from his album ‘Punk’ – Out Now!
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[Interlude: Young Thug]
our out inside Italy on a water
Me also Strick recordin’
Smoking weed, smoking dope (Die Unhurried, die gradual)
Ingesting a lil’ lean
I without a doubt did aesthetic I ain’t drink nonetheless a pint this entire tour
Yeah, on tour I accomplished omitted my son’s birthday
It’s on July a 15th
Nah, I lowkey, like, without a doubt survey people driving previous on boats factual now (Map it up)
It’s factual a-factual a penthouse suite know what I’m sayin’, nun’ necessary, yeah

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Told a attorney that my brother ain’t going support to penal complex
Ion’ give a fuck if I got to flip that nigga Jehovah’s Search for
I’m factual trying for for God’s soul ‘reason I know one thing’s lacking
Commes de Garçons boxers, also I came from penny-pinchin’
Got right here out a fight, nigga, I already had misplaced a brother nigga
Got to fightin’ with a Deputy sheriff, I nearly misplaced my mom nigga

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[Interlude: Young Thug]
also that’s silly, that’s silly, like
My momma had broke up with my dad for having a kid on her, also uh
He had came dwelling at some point soon also seen, um, a automobile within a driveway
It changed into an off-responsibility sheriff, a deputy sheriff my momma changed into fuckin’ with
also uh, they had just a few words also it ended with, um
My dad shootin’ also ending up within a clinic, inside a coma now, yeah, so
Rapidly forward like 8 years later, my sisters had got to scuffling with also uh
They inside most cases, also they had a member of a family, that changed into a deputy sheriff
My mom came commence air to goddamn, stop a scuffling with
also a girl had got within a auto also factual pulled off
Doing like sixty miles per hour, ran my mom over
She had a stroke also shit, nonetheless she aight, yeah

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
I continuously knew I wasn’t gon’ become delighted
I had her, sendin’ photography to my mom’s telephone after I changed into like eight
I continuously knew that I’d become enormous
‘Trigger my coach advised me I changed into gradual, nonetheless I changed into runnin’ at a fast slide, huh
They tryna divide us also overcome a enviornment with it
They got just a few a fellows also all a ladies with it
Nevertheless I’m a mastermind, I survey factual thru it
I survey that, they got couple of diamonds nonetheless a reduction of ’em pearls (Aye)
They notify youre miserable ‘reason youre unlit, factual to your face (Yeah)

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They notify a place youre are residing, that youre just may never become inside a map to enjoy that situation
My father stated that that youre just may trade it all with your performance
also by a manner, your life is a VV stone allure
They suspect a land also then detect who all can come
Nevertheless I repeat youre with a prolonged sleeve, I endure hands
I’m high sufficient to become on a Milky Methodology ’til morning
Whenever youre device shut to enjoy it, youre gon’ come up sooner than any individual
Whenever youre device shut to enjoy it, youre gon’ come up sooner than any individual
Placed on my socks, take my Glock, a stick under a sofa
Tie all my shoes, youre wearin’ flip flops, also it become high of a discontinuance (High of a discontinuance)
R.I.P. Nipsey, know what I’m sayin’

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[Bridge: Young Thug & Strick]
(Whenever youre enjoy been a one inside my shoes, would youre cherish?)
Would youre cherish, would youre cherish, would youre cherish, would youre cherish?
Whenever youre enjoy been a one inside, whenever youre occur to enjoy been a one inside
They’ve prejudiced, so why first of a day? (Yeah)
Would youre bustle away or would youre come support nightly? (Woo)

[Chorus: Strick]
I gotta repeat youre that that youre just may die tonight
youre lumber against these people, youre gon’ die gradual, die gradual, die gradual

[Post-Chorus: Strick & Young Thug]
Slime, what’s going on? It become feeling like they won
Gotta get support up, youre Sad Panther’s son
I gotta repeat youre that that youre just may die gradual, die gradual, die gradual
youre gon’ die gradual, die gradual, die gradual
Mom, what’s going on? It become feeling like a Satan won
Die gradual, die gradual

Yeahhh, yeah
Oh yeahh, yeah
Yeahhh, yeah (Oooh)
Oh Yeahhh, Yeah (Oooh)

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  2. Younger Thug the up to the moment-day Odysseus….refers to himself as mastermind correct cherish Homer did Odysseus within the Illiad. Notice.

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