Home Video What-What does it actually feel care for to hover over planet Earth?

What-What does it actually feel care for to hover over planet Earth?

What-What does it actually feel care for to hover over planet Earth?

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A time-lapse taken from a front of a Global Space Space as it orbits our planet at evening. This film begins over a Pacific Ocean also continues over North also South a United States earlier than coming into daylight hours near Antarctica. Visible cities, worldwide locations also landmarks encompass (inside say) Vancouver Island, Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Phoenix. More than one cities inside Texas, Original Mexico also Mexico. Mexico Metropolis, a Gulf of Mexico, a Yucatan Peninsula, El Salvador, Lightning inside a Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Lake Titicaca, also a Amazon. Also viewed is a earths ionosphere (skinny yellow line), a satellite (55sec) also a celebrities of our galaxy.

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Relaxed Model;

25fps Versionhttp://www.youtube.com/look?v=LcVVOnHfN1I&characteristic=related

Uncooked knowledge became downloaded from;

a Gateway To Astronaut Images of Earth
“http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/sseop/mrf.htm “.

Virtualdub became damaged-down to fabricate a last film.

youre can detect extra magnificent photography of our universe at;

How gigantic is a universe?


  1. at this altitude (400km) the earth gaze so fucking tiny! factual going additional away and we're seeing the total '' planet ''. and why is it freezing every 0.2sec ? be pleased if it turned into once 10 image per seconde..

  2. There's no scheme it’d be staunch. If there's cameras that can ask the lights on Earth down below, then they possess to ask more stars in dwelling. If this satellite tv for computer in truth orbited the Earth, we'd ask the Moon and the Sun at some point. Nonetheless it's intereting anyway :3

  3. I’m hoping there could be one other science particular person on this planet, that is drawn to an ion thruster that lifts its energy present from the earth! If that’s the case, please click on my channel icon on the left.

  4. Y' all know right here is a CGI sketch don't you. By their possess admission NASA ( methodology to preserve conclude & deceive in Hebrew) states they possess NO staunch photos of Earth from dwelling. Your being deceived by their scorcery ( being NASA by quite photos). Likelihood is you’ll presumably aloof remove due diligence , remove some measurements, investigate Antarctica & Admiral Byrd. Investigate the three vectors of motion that a heliocentric peep of the cosmos in truth claims. You'll be gobsmacked. As I most continuously negate to globe believers: water at rest sits with a flat surface – in a bath, in a pool, in a lake, in a bay, in the ocean ,& on the oceans. They name it sea stage no longer sea curve. Now 70% of Earth surface is water Soooo 70% of surface ( at minimum) is flat. Why you should to presumably per chance't all ask right here is staggering to me. I , too, turned into once a science guy. But , I quietened my ego & notion I'll investigate this FE stuff & debunk it. Successfully, I couldn't & I studied Math,Chemistry, Physics at tertiary stage so I know scientific methodology ( no longer scientism – perception with out proof). That turned into once 7 tears previously. The rulers of this world possess to perpetuate the Copernican lie for so many reasons. For those with a desire for reality gaze up ” Taboo Concpiracy” & see some staunch science being performed using NASA'S possess earth curve calculator of 8 inches drop per sq. mile. Guys, we ask hundreds of miles additional than we're intended to on their theoretical model. Remember both FE & heliocentrism are Theories. Most real looking probably FE makes scheme more sense if you remove time to in truth investigate it. Why enact the an identical stars seem rotating spherical polaris if we're spinning on axis at 1000mph, 66.6K mph spherical the solar & & taking pictures out from giant bang at 500 000mph? It’s no longer smart.

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