Home Video What-What Goes Around…Comes Around (Legit Video)

What-What Goes Around…Comes Around (Legit Video)

What-What Goes Around…Comes Around (Legit Video)

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Is this a style it is basically occurring?
Is this how our are announcing goodbye?
Need to’ve recognized much better ought to youre came around
That youre were gonna operate me snarl
Or no longer it is breakin’ my coronary heart to peer youre escape around
‘Trigger I know which that it is possible youre’ll also very properly become livin’ a lie
But that’s awesome enough, dinky one, ’cause inside time, youre will fetch

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  1. If there's anything else this track video has taught us, it's to below no circumstances glide after somebody in a vehicle consequently of within the occasion that they smash into something or somebody you'll be responsible of the accident.

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