Home Video What-What Happens if a Moon Crashes into Earth?

What-What Happens if a Moon Crashes into Earth?

What-What Happens if a Moon Crashes into Earth?

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Nowadays our’re answering an age-ragged very scientific also most indispensable build a question to: What if a moon crashes into earth? It’s extra attention-grabbing also odd than youre inside all likelihood reflect. Let’s open with a basics: Why is now not always inside actuality a Moon on its means to smash into us already?

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  1. Smartly listen the moon rings sound love a extraordinarily in actuality quite seek. For my fraction, I non-public we would possibly presumably maybe composed get to work on this

  2. The moon break up into a immense ring of particles appears love sound reasoning….excluding you ignored to remark the theorized stable iron core of the moon. That appears like it will most likely presumably presumably no longer breakup as with out complications. Also you ignored to remark why the “magic” that triggered the inward spiral of the moon against the earth with out be aware turned off when the space of the breakup occurred?

  3. Im certain many contributors indulge in said this already, but a TV camouflage about this needs to happen ethical now, I would explore the shit out of it, excessive budget tho

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