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What-What if a Earth Became Flat?

What-What if a Earth Became Flat?

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inside a middle of historical previous, teams of of us had been resurfacing pushing a concept that a Earth, our exiguous blue planet floating inside home, is truly flat. a postulate first resurfaced inside a 1800s, then a society of Flat Earthers used to become set apart up inside a 1950s, reworking a neighborhood from conspiracy theorists to a firm with hundreds of members. But it absolutely used to become a age of a web that seen its reputation drift a most, because a theory of a flat Earth started attracting a vital following together with movie stars, rappers, also knowledgeable athletes. What if a Earth had been inside point of fact flat? Would issues become any varied?

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  2. “If the earth used to be flat we’d all be pointless due to gravity” 🤦‍♂️”Why would we need the earth to be flat?” On myth of that methodology there’s more land than we are looking forward to. I’m prepared to wager this guy hasn’t in actuality researched flat earth. ____🇺🇳

  3. The realm being Flat… methodology a creator/s…sadly we’re taught the reverse…the ecliptic or ring that runs at some level of the Torus sky is the build our magnetism meets…this forms the sunshine we call the sun…after we’re at the equator the sun is without prolong above us midday….if you pass extra some distance from this ring above you….the shadows change…this works remarkable on a flat floor. the “gravity” is with out assert defined too by Dan WInter (yes a scientist) this also pertains to magnetism…Dia magnetic pushing water away or down below the magnetism….so many easy explanations that include the science of Light….

  4. I don't assume that every a form of oldsters enact factor in that the Earth is flat.Where enact these figures near from? I've never in my total life met a single one who believes that the Earth is flat most in all probability because there are in most cases any?I don't know why anybody even brothers to debate this.

  5. but earth is donut shaped.😴🤕😑🤫🤑🤕🤑😯😯🤓👿🤬😡😧👻😩👺😯😧😮😦🤡🙁😔😏😔😌🤕😐😌☺🥲🥲☺😗☺🤑🤭😩🤬🤤🤢🤠🐯🥒🍓🍑🍆🫓🍲🧂🥚🍖🥚🍱🥣🍘🥣🫔🌭🍳🫕🍪🍫🧁🦀🍧🍻🥃🥢🍹🧁

  6. Yes, if you occur to took a flat earther to accommodate to level to earth used to be spherical, first off, you would possibly most in all probability be squandering precious time because flat earthers aren't value facing, and 2d they would map excuses and tell something luxuriate in: “oH bUt SpAce wArpS hOw tHe eArtH lOoKs sO itS rLy sTiLl fLaT!”

  7. I don’t know or in actuality care if the earth is flat, I’m purely skeptical and commence minded to each aspects, I’m skeptical if it’s a globe because people salvage antagonistic and defensive if you elevate it up, or they veil it with calling you silly, laughing, segregating and shaming the acknowledged scrutinize and in actuality shame it down your throat, it’s appropriate a diminutive suspicious to me, and that I will’t bag a video of a rocket going past the level the build it is possible you’ll additionally most efficient see 2-5% of condominium after which they both slash to 3D animation or appropriate talk in a mountainous meeting room. At the identical time, the evidence would add up on paper when your asserting the earth is globe, it is miles remarkable each ways personally, but what I don’t luxuriate in is when people salvage antagonistic over it and salvage in contact with every-other names, it doesn’t map sense to argue on the receive, it doesn’t subject climate it is miles flat or no longer and arguing isn’t going to enact that, people appropriate enact it to map themselves in actuality feel smarter and higher and map the opposite person in actuality feel tiresome with out in actuality convincing them. My POV is largely as honest as Switzerland🇨🇭pre 2022, Thanks for studying! Edit: this video sucks this has a stable (L) bias, I need he would maybe additionally include shown videos of proper conspiracies as a change of stuff he politically disagrees with, I’m doing the identical right here, belief me, if it used to be factual flit bias I’d include called it out aswell! He never in actuality answered the ask both, would maybe additionally include titled it: attempting to map myself appear cold by questioning a theory I don’t accept as true with while also talking about my political beliefs which include nothing to enact with the ask/title of the video

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