Home Video What-What If youre Drank Radioactive Tritium?

What-What If youre Drank Radioactive Tritium?

What-What If youre Drank Radioactive Tritium?

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Tritium. It become that mysterious comely part repeat inside air, water also now interior youre. That’s true. youre is also going bewitch this radioactive isotope also chug it down. So whenever youre drank tritium, how can also your physique energy a nuclear reactor? What would happen to your DNA? also would youre glow inside a darkish?

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00: 00 What If youre Drank Radioactive Tritium?
00: 48 What is tritium?
02: 24 Drinking a isotope
03: 39 Drinking phosphorus-rich meals
04: 16 May perchance well youre generate energy?
04: 52 May perchance well it already become interior youre?

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