Home Video What-What If youre Lived on Kepler 22-b?

What-What If youre Lived on Kepler 22-b?

What-What If youre Lived on Kepler 22-b?

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635 gentle-years from where youre is also sitting, arrangement out inside outer intention, lies a planet. a first planet to become found inner a habitable zone of a Solar-cherish star. Its title is Kepler 22-b. When a planet is located inner a star’s habitable zone, it arrangement that there might maybe become a gamble that liquid water exists on its ground. also where there might maybe become water, there’s also a possibility of lifestyles. Human lifestyles. What would a weather become cherish over there?

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00: 00 May maybe maybe this become Earth 2.0?
01: 10 Exoplanets
04: 10 Kepler 22-b might maybe maybe possess an ocean
06: 30 Rising flowers
08: 14 How would our thrive?

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